Protective coating for external plastics protection

The Exterior Plastic Coating is responsible for providing additional protection to the plastic and rubber surfaces to prevent degradation caused by external agents.
Repels dirt, dust, removes grease stains and protects against colour loss.
Recovers the colour and natural tones while creating a thin layer of shine on the surface where it is applied.
Thanks to the active ingredients of the Exterior Plastic Coating, a protective cover is created that repels liquids and oils, preventing them from penetrating inside the pieces and causing damage over time.
It considerably improves the efficiency of cleaning and protects environmental agents that can damage plastic surfaces.


Protective product for external plastics and rubber parts.Gives satin gloss, protects against sticking dirt and dust, brings out the colour and protects against fading.
It also gives hydrophobic and oleophobic properties.
It greatly facilitates cleaning and protects plastics from harmful environmental impact.

Application Method:

Apply to the surface and distribute evenly with the applicator. Remove excessive amount with microfiber towel.

Durability max. 6 months.

Shelf life 36 months.

Packaging: pre-order

Available packaging: Bottle: 0.5l, 0.75l, 1l; Canister: 5l , 10l, 20l; Barrel: 220l; Mauser container: 1000l