Everyone wants to live in a clean, safe and healthy home. Therefore, choosing cleaning and other chemicals for the home becomes a serious task. Meanwhile, innovative companies are looking for solutions to combine modern manufacturing technologies and create efficient cleaning, washing, impregnation and other products that are environmentally friendly, non-aggressive, non-allergenic and non-global climate change. It would seem like a difficult mission, but possible!
These are the goals that NANO GO has set and is pursuing, and its products are delivered and sold in the e-shop of this branded website.
The company adheres to extremely high standards, employs the best specialists in its field, and develops revolutionary solutions. Here's what you need to know about business standards:

The company employ the best chemical engineers in Europe. The aim is to constantly make real decisions on how to create the best products.
The production uses the best materials and equipment that meet regulatory standards and ensure that quality products reach customers.
Research is being conducted to develop and improve innovative products, effective tools that are accessible to a wide range of people.
The advantages of nanotechnologies are exploited and revolutionary products are being developed.
It is ensured that the products are made organically, without aggressive chemicals, pollutants such as chlorine or acids that can affect our environment, living organisms or damage the ozone layer.
Production processes are applied for that combine efficient work with environmental protection.




nanogo nanotechnology


The NANO GO products is a great result of the hard work and experience gained over several years of development and research. An innovative formula has been developed based on the highest content of chemical compounds to provide the most efficient results, which have become a benchmark in the chemical industry in the UK and the European Union.
Some advantages of NANO GO products compared to other products available on the market:

Alkaline or pH neutral cleaners

NANO GO cleaners, detergents are alkaline, without aggressive acids, without chlorine.

Contains nanosilver/nanosilver

NANO GO is a pioneer in the use of nanomaterials. Thanks to innovative production methods, active formulas have been developed that provide a more efficient and long-lasting cleaning effect. Nanosilver is the active ingredient in many products. This amazing material guarantees better cleaning results and to protect the surfaces to be cleaned from bacteria, viruses and fungi.

Most of the products are Eco

NANO GO products are produced in Eco-friendly methods, without pollutants that can affect the environment or damage the ozone layer. Only materials and production processes that meet the standards set by the regulatory authorities are used.
NANO GO is committed to protecting the environment, and the products are proof of that.

Natural scents

Many cleansers and fragrances have pleasant scents that are made from natural ingredients. Cleaners with natural scents are a safe and effective way to remove unpleasant odours and ensure a fresh aroma at home.

Contains no chlorine

NANO GO products do not contain chlorine, which can cause allergic reactions or harm users.

Contains no acids or other harmful substances

Only quality materials are used in production. As a result, it does not contain corrosive acids that can pose a serious risk to human health.

Hydrophobic protection

One of the main innovations of the NANO GO is the surface hydrophobic protection (repelling water and dirt). Thanks to advanced production technology and the use of the best materials and ingredients, a form of protection has been created that offers better results. Ceramic coating is one of the most striking advantages of nanomaterials. Thanks to the coating, surfaces can repel most impurities, stains, contaminants and other unwanted elements.
The ceramic coating provides hydrophobic and oleophobic properties that repel liquids and oils that can damage the surface. In the same way, it greatly facilitates cleaning processes, significantly reducing the time required for effective cleaning of these surfaces.

The relation between the price and the quality

NANO GO products are a ratio of high quality and good price.
You do not need many and expensive tools to achieve the desired result.
Active recipes guarantee a higher concentration of ingredients per cubic centimetre, thus maximizing the effectiveness of the product without the need to use large quantities of products.
NANO GO thinks of its users, resulting in more efficient products with better usage ratios.



It is natural to want to live in a clean home without sweating every day and spending endless money on different products. NANO GO understands these desires, so it is constantly improving, looking for innovative formulas, solutions and materials that would allow you to achieve a result at a minimal cost.
Try NANO GO products for cleaning, impregnation, ceramic coatings, car care products and other products and see what it means to use some of the best products on the market.

For us, your well-being is the priority.