About Nanosilver

Silver is a noble metal with sturdy antimicrobial properties, widely recognized for 100 years. Historical travellers and soldiers used silver containers for food and water to prevent infections. Fragmentation of silver formed of nanoparticles improves his particular properties and gives new fields of applications.

Silver nanoparticles quickly penetrates microbes cells, causing extreme damages to critical structures. Because of this, bacterias and other microbes can’t colonize surfaces enriched with nanosilver particles, and solutions contain nanosilver colloids (nanosilver suspension insolvent) can get rid of pathogens. Nanosilver suspensions are a lot more active than ionic solutions of silver salts, mainly known as “dirty conditions”, where impurities cause silver precipitation and significantly decreases product activity. Metallic nanosilver is immune to the decomposition of UV rays (doesn’t change colour in the sunlight) and doesn’t migrate from the structure of enriched material.

The growing interests in nanosilver formula is a result of the exceptional antimicrobial activity of nanosilver, exceeding traditional antimicrobial agents (silver works non-specific in opposition to, for instance, antibiotics which can be active for few microbes strains only). Exhibits high durability and price-to-effect ratio because of low usage. Products enriched with nanosilver will show surprising results for an ordinary user over a long time.

Nanosilver produced at NANOGO Partners laboratories discovered where to use this final product in everyone’s everyday life. Numerous assessments and examinations confirmed that our products have remarkable results.

We’re offering nanosilver products in various forms: colloidal suspensions or powders for commercial use. Nanoparticles diameter is within the range of 5-15 nm (usually 9 nm). Because of this, our nanoparticles can deeply penetrate materials structure and comprehensively improve the final product. Such a tiny thing also ensures high antimicrobial activity even in low concentrations.

Nanosilver: safety, health and environmental effects and role in antimicrobial resistance